A nasty hip fracture and quad weakness made it difficult for my loved one to use the bathroom.  In comes the infamous seat riser.  I have seen these around, am familiar with them and known about them but never had to experience them.  Family members are fellow-experiencers.  It’s just the way it is.

At first we tried a regular sized seat riser but it mashed against the incision site of my loved one’s hip fracture..  Then we tried this one.   Initially it seemed as if there were no problems.   But it didn’t take long for the plastic to become, um, stained.  No problem, bleach and 409.  Right?  Not so fast.  Scrubbing the stains out took some work.  And then the stains started showing faster.  They weren’t necessarily dark but they were visible.  Cleaning became more unpleasant because of stuff that splashed on the bottom side that wasn’t so visible and required removal to clean.  Not a big deal but a nasty thing if you miss it.  But the stains in ever-increasing visibility are too much.  Can’t someone invent something with less stainability on a bathroom commode other than white, absorbent plastic?  If you do I will be a big fan and customer.

Next issue was the legs.  They are not secured to the plastic but are only placed through holes.  This makes them very wobbly.  We put hose clamps around the legs at the base of the plastic and this helps.  But the legs still aren’t super sturdy.

After some 6 months of using this thing I’m hoping my mom will get strong enough not to need it. We’re not there.  In the meantime, I’ve got some modifications I’d like to try.  Stay tuned.

“Product Description:

  • Elevated toilet seat for standard or elongated toilet bowls. Foam armrests for added stability
  • Aluminum legs can be adjusted to fit toilet height. Bracket helps reduce slippage. One-year warranty
  • The center to center width between the arms is 19″. The width between the inside of one arm to the inside of the other arms is 18″.
  • The overall width is 22.5″ and the surface width is 18.5″
  • Please measure your toilet before purchasing. There must be a minimum of 4.25 inches between the toilet seat bolts and a gap of at least ¼” between the toilet seat in the raised position and the porcelain surface of the toilet.”

Overall Rating:  B-


  • It does provide room for most sizes of adults and did not rub on incision site
  • My mom loves having the handles
  • Overall mom approved


  • Stains after about a month of use and becomes increasingly difficult to remove stains
  •  Legs are unstable and wobble
  • A bit pricey
  • Product cannot be returned


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