Smart Caregiver Motion Sensor and Pager

Smart Caregiver Motion Sensor and Pager

Most motion sensors will blast an alarm (they’re made for burglars) and may give your loved a heart attack (literally).  I like this one as it is designed specifically for caregivers.  The caregiver has the receiver and it can be placed anywhere.  The motion sensor has brackets for a wall mount.  Overall a good option for maintaining the safety and whereabouts of your loved one.

Remote Call Button Top Safety Equipment

Remote Call Button

I have mixed feelings on this one.  The call light when we needed it was priceless.  The loved one pushes a button and it sounds an alarm on a receiver.  They can wear the call light around their neck or keep it by their bed.  When it worked, it was great.  But half the time it didn’t work.  I didn’t know if it was me not operating it correctly, a defective unit or just the way it was.  A the time I was too sleep-deprived to answer that question.

12" Moen Grab Bar Top Safety Equipment

Grab Bars

We have more grab bars in our bathroom than you do.  Don’t even try to compete.  My loved one broke her hip and had some other issues going and we felt it wasn’t exactly safe for her to use the bathroom alone.  But she demanded privacy which we understood.  The solution? Grab bars.  They have been priceless.  They are just a must-have for a bathroom and even some other areas of the house.

Stander Handy Bar - Top Safety Equipment

Stander Handy Bar

Safety is important when getting in and out of a car.  Unfortunately it is hard for someone to reach the handle as you need to be standing fully upright.  This grab bar fits into the notch where the door latches on and therefore makes it accessible for your loved one to reach.  We made one of our own and found it useful transferring from a wheelchair to a car.