In the heat of the tough days, we bought a picture care phone for my loved one.  Soon thereafter she made a dramatic turn for the better and has stayed there for the last 6 months.  It ended our need for the phone but we have it around just in case.  Although we haven’t used it, I thought I would give my thoughts.

First thought upon receiving it is that it is cheaply made.  I mean it is really cheap.  They saved all expenses with this phone.  The plastic is that cheap white metal plastic that you see for everything.  And the phone cord is about 12″ long, hardly enough room to get it to your face.  The area where the pictures are stored aren’t the most easy to access or place a carefully cut picture, but it can be done.

Having said that if it works, it works.  That’s the bottom line.  Our loved ones need to know they can call someone if they  have to.  If you switch out the cord to a longer cord it would be better.  We never did get it programmed before my loved one turned a corner so I can’t say how difficult that is.

This one is hard to rate.  A picture care phone is a great idea.  If it works, it doesn’t matter how much.  I just really wish they would have made it a little more stout.  Elders drop things all the time.

If you’re still inclined to buy one, here’s the link: