There’s one thing you must fight for. There is one thing you need almost more than anything else (second only to forgiveness). There’s one thing YOU need and your loved one needs.  And that is… hope. The world of caregiving is filled typically with despair.  Despair with a diagnosis.  Despair with a prognosis.  Financial despair.  Social despair.  Despairing of enough sleep.  But despair will drain you faster than a plug pulled in a sink.  But how can we hope?  The diagnosis is bad!  The prognosis is bad!  That very well may be true.  But there’s always room for hope. Hope for living through the days and not surviving them. Hope for a different way forward with meds. Hope for a supernatural intervention.

Even if your loved one isn’t healed, there is room for hope.

Hope will give you life and cut the heaviness.  When the heaviness leaves hope makes room for enjoyment of the hours, days and minutes a person is given.  Even a doctor doesn’t know that number.  Only God does. Will hope hurt?  Absolutely.  But no hope = no life. Fight for hope. Hope for change. And never give up. Hope leads to great things.

Picture:  Fotolia/© missty