It’s not just that someone dies from an awful pandemic. It’s worse. They die alone. No one to hold their hand. No one by their bedside. No one in that one moment of life where no one wants to be alone.

Yes, someone can possible be in protective gear at the time. But full-body protective gear is limited to medical personnel. It’s unlikely.

Then there’s the funeral that really can’t happen. In a pandemic gathering together of people is limited. And in the grievous moment of death, you need one another. Not months from now at a memorial service, but in the heartache of it all where closure can happen and healing can start. But not so easily in a pandemic.

And then there’s the collateral damage to the family. I had a friend whose brother died and requested no funeral prior to his death. He meant well but it was deeply damaging to the family. It hindered the grieving process.

With coronavirus the process of grieving well just isn’t there. Other are dying around them. Funerals aren’t happening. And people are “social distancing.” It’s a grief borne alone.

We must pray to end this thing. And take serious our desire to protect ourselves.

As my loved one now enters Stage 5 of this terrible disease, I think on these things.  And pray to God that my mom doesn’t go via the virus.