Decline is acceptable for many people, but I choose not to accept it.  There is a stage, end stage, where it is understandable.  But not now.  Not when the body is working, it’s just the brain isn’t.

This week we’ve been dealing with that unacceptable decline–more paranoia, crying for no reason, fearfulness, sadness, confusion, etc…  I have come to believe and understand how much of decline is related to imbalanced brain chemistry or more.  But what to do?  We are working at it.

I think that’s part of the point:

Don’t Accept Decline.

If we would’ve accepted decline a year ago, we wouldn’t have made it.  We were told this was the way it was.  But I was really led of the Lord and He showed us a different way forward.  I won’t accept it now either.  I can’t guarantee we will find the answers, but the fight is a worthy battle.  Until we are in our last hours, I feel like there’s always something we can do to improve the situation.  We just have to find it.  It’s not optimism.  It’s just rejecting status quo.