It really wasn’t an ordinary day.  I was pleading God every night on my knees for 2 years to escape a miserable situation (wasn’t caregiving).  The time had finally come.  I had just the previous week signed a contract on a job that would take me far away.  I was finalizing some housing in the new location and was on the phone when I heard a huge thud.  There were no loud shouts or screams so I continued my conversation.

A few minutes later my mom’s husband calls to me and tells me it was an emergency.

Mom was on the floor.  With a broken hip.

We called the ambulance and had much drama getting her out the door.  She is a generous sized woman.

We took her to the ambulance and the fracture was really bad.  An unusual fracture.  Her lesser trochanter broke off.  It also formed a spear so that whenever the spasms hits as are common with hip fractures, it literally was a knife gouging deeper.  She went to surgery and then things got worse.  She developed an internal bleed and there were many issues along the journey.  She ended up in ICU.  Then it was infected and she had to go back to surgery.

Ah….those were the good ol’ days.

Cause from there it went downhill.  LBD broke forth in an instant.  In a severe way.

She was also in excruciating pain for months before we discovered she had issues with her hardware.  Back to surgery.  Then again for another infection.

This spring the storm had abated for several months.  So we packed up the medical gear and limped along – literally.

Then she was standing and her femur broke.  No fall before or after.  Just broke.  At a 90 degree angle.  Screaming.  Ambulances.  Misery.

It was far worse than I can go into.  But some things you just don’t say on the internet.

It’s been two years.  To the day.

I’m not the same person.  In some ways I’m better.  In many more ways I feel far worse.  We have survived.  We are just getting to the overcoming part.

This past week we thought there was another femur fracture.  Thank God it wasn’t.

Only by the grace of God go I.