When you hear the words “Bariatric Drop Arm Commode” you think bariatric and you think big.  But it can actually make things smaller if you look beyond to see it is not just for bariatric loved ones.  Let me tell you why.  Typically when you start investing into home adaptive equipment, you tend to grow in clutter.  For example if you have a bedside commode, a shower bench, a stool riser, etc… equipment accumulates fast.  Finding dual purposes for objects is helpful.  And that’s what this one does.

Because of the adjustable legs and drop arms on both sides of the commode, you can easily turn this into a shower bench.  It actually works better than most shower benches because the hole offers loved ones the ability to more easily clean their perineal area.  Using it as a shower bench also helps keep it clean.

Bariatric Drop Arm Commode Review:  Both Good and Bad

The Good

  • The bench is solid and sturdy with movable arms on both sides.  Very easy to click up and down.
  • The bucket is easy to remove and empty contents. 
  • It’s wide enough that it is easy for a loved one to get off and on in the middle of the night.
  • It doubles as a shower bench.  And as a bunch it is quite sturdy and not inclined to tip over like some smaller benches.

The Bad

  • It does accumulate some splatters underneath so it needs cleaned regularly
  • The lid is an utter joke.  It only goes on when the bucket is not on the commode.  Poor engineering here.
  • It can take up space from bulk.

Overall this commode is the best one out there in my opinion.  It works best at night because loved ones can’t always make it to the bathroom on time.  Add to that if they don’t have to walk far, they can fall asleep much more quickly. 

So the verdict for the Bariatric Drop Arm Commode? Setting aside the poorly engineered lid…


Overall Rating:  A

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