Thought a Museum would be nice. Yikes! Thankfully no nightmares for mom.

This vacation was as desperately needed as the one before, even if it was just a week.  It felt more like vacation and less like care giving, although there was a lot of that.  I’m better thankfully although not fully rested or ready to be back.  Honestly there are a lot of situations which lend to it feeling oppressive.  I need a better way to deal with things but am in a much better frame of mind to do so.

We still continued to use our free hotel stays and the infamous bariatric toilet seat for both night bathroom issues and showers (best tool ever, mom’s most hated piece of equipment).  We went to museums and mountains, old trails and seeing old tales.

There are times where I think she is better.  Then there are times like last night she absolutely decimated her birthday card trying to figure out how to open it.   I don’t know.

But she did celebrate another birthday yesterday.  I feel it’s utterly a miracle that she made it.  So thankful to the Lord.  There was a time last February where I thought I would never get to travel any more with my mother.  Wow!  How utterly wrong I was.  We’ve travelled 6000 miles in just the last 5 weeks together.  And last fall we road tripped 4000.  The goodness and favor of the Lord.