No one sets out to be a caregiver.   But caregivers make the best of difficult situations by caring for those they love, usually at home.  It has been called the hardest job you will ever love.  And that is true for myself as well.

About Me

I was introduced to the world of caregiving when we moved my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s to a nursing home.  And then another.  And again another.  Each one medicated my treasured grandmother to incoherence.  Instead of paying for a care home we decided to care for her at home.  I quit my job and so did another member of our family and we shared what finance would have gone to a facility.  My grandmother was a joy to me.   It was a steep learning curve and I hardly ever slept,  but when you love someone it really is not a sacrifice, it is a gift.   Eventually she went to be with the Lord.  Fifteen years later I again find myself in the caregiver role again to another immediate family member.  In the meantime I realize since I’ve been to this rodeo twice I may have something to offer others. 

What is unique about this site?

Before leaving the workplace to be a full-time cargiver, I served professionally as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  This will become obvious with certain posts such as How to Fit a Walker/Cane for your Loved One or Understanding Medicare and Therapy Services.  BUT, I come to this site as a caregiver.  And only as a caregiver.  This site is not meant to offer, suggest or imply medical advice.  It is imperative to seek medical advice because every single situation is different.   But more than working in the arena of physical therapy it’s more important for you to know that I have been a caregiver twice, as mentioned above.  There is nothing that can compare to caregiver experience.  If you are a caregiver, you know why.

What don’t you post pictures of yourself and your loved one?

I’m told that I can’t be “credible” online unless I post pictures of myself or at least fake pictures of myself.  Well then, you’ll have to decide whether pictures or not establish credibility. But for me I don’t feel comfortable posting pics of my loved one for many reasons.  One of which is that she is somewhat of a local public figure.  To post pictures of her or myself is to expose her in ways that I do not want (she has given permission for this blog).  But also I don’t always feel comfortable with pictures going to the whole world.  I didn’t grow up in that era (dating myself here).  And as for fake pictures?  They’re fake.   Anyway, you may get some partial pictures (below).  Hope you enjoy.

Why do you have affiliate links and a few ads on your site?

The idea of this site began when I was searching for a laser, wander alarm.  I was told they were EVERYWHERE.  In my severely sleep-deprived state I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE.  But where were the blogs/websites for the practical stuff?  Practical help?  Etc…  So I decided if I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I would set something up. But why ads and such?

For starters this site cost $130 with the theme, hosting, domain, etc…  I wouldn’t mind recovering some of that.    Also as a caregiver unless you’re a millionaire finance is a part of the equation.  With money going out and it not coming in through a  job, you think about these things.  God can provide but we also do our part.  Medicines,  adaptive equipment, etc… cost a lot.  It is not a cheap season.  If I can help you with finding something and you click a link to buy, it costs you ZERO extra and instead of a billion dollar company getting 100% profit, a very small fraction helps this caregiver with my loved one’s bills.  And lest you think I’m making money hand over fist by the ones of dollars, I have yet to make a single dime from this site.  Even if things stay that way, I’m content just to help people.  Maybe it will help you find one of those sensor alarm things!  By the way, being an affiliate will not affect my opinion in any way.  As caregivers we don’t have time or money for things that don’t work or advice that isn’t helpful.  I will strive to be honest and helpful.  And please help me and others out too.  Add your comments.  If you have any suggestions of helpful resources let me know. 

How can I help?

Caregivers need resources.  They just do.  Earlier this week we were at the gym doing some aquatic therapy when a woman walked by with a walker tray.  A few months ago when I could have used one I didn’t even know they existed!  My loved one desperately wanted something to help carry her cups and plates back and forth to the kitchen.   This would have solved that problem had I known.  But I didn’t know.  And that’s something true of many caregivers.

Because of that the best way you can help is to send people to this blog.  Post the link in your own blog, website, facebook or wherever.  This helps let others know which I hope is a solid resource for caregivers.  Yes, there are other resources out there, but I truly hope this one is helpful in a unique way.  Your link helps tremendously.  Thank you so much for your help. 



Happy Feet for Caregiver in the Raw

My Loved One and I on vacation on the beach earlier this year.