Bad storms ripped through the other night.  It’s a dreaded time.  How can you get mom to the basement when she is non weight bearing?  And then there’s the issue of panic.  There’s one emotion she can’t handle and that’s fear.

Seeing the storm rolling in, we put her in the Jazzy (electric wheelchair) and bounced her down the hill and through the yard.  Then we put her in the basement and waited through 2 hours of storms.  All the time she had that terribly frightened deer in headlights look.  It was terrible.    She can’t deal with fear.

What is it about fear?  I don’t know but it releases but stuff in the blood.  It’s fear with anything.  Mom freaks out when there’s the slightest reason to be afraid.  Wish it weren’t so.  It breaks my heart.  But what do you do?  Words of comfort don’t seem to help.  Distraction helps some.

In the meantime the storm rolled through.  We were at the epicenter of a microburst.  Glad we were downstairs.  But I sure hate this fear.

No words of wisdom today.  Just sharing.