Oh my.  We have hit a new stage of hours of whining.  I checked everything like food, thirst, bathroom needs, pain, etc…  All was well.  Just the bad habits of life magnified.  Just as the good ones are as well (my mother is the most considerate person I know).

So I had to have a talk with my mom about whining.  She can cry, she can ask for something, she can be upset, but the whining needed to be curbed.  She was not happy about that little talk.

A little while later I was feeding the kitty.  And of course when you are preparing the food the kitty meows loudly.

“She’s whining!” Mom said.  “Why doesn’t she get talked to as well!”

So for the last few days now I have had to have some talks with the kitty about her whining.

We will see who listens.  Bets are out.