The other day my loved one and I went into a restaurant that had a 4 foot ramp at about a 60 degree decline.  Ugh.  I remember when we went there with a wheelchair and it was all I could do to keep her flying off of it.  Later that day at the fitness we met someone who did indeed fall on it, and break her leg in several places.  She still limps.

There is a definite degree of suggested angle for wheelchair ramps–whether you buy pre-made ramps or make them yourself.  The ratio is 1:12.  For every 1 inch of height, you need 12 inches of length.  For example if you have 15 inches of height, you need 12×15 inches of length.  This is a gentle angle for wheelchairs and walkers.  Yes, there is some wiggle room, but don’t take too much.  Otherwise it becomes difficult for both caregiver and loved one.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get some pictures of some of the most extreme handicap ramps in our area.  They are almost laughable.  Or maybe they should charge for them as “Handicapped Roller Coasters.”  Not for my mom!  Anyway, there’s the secret.  Now you know.