Lewy Body Dementia makes other dementias look like a cake-walk.  LBD on the other hand is wild.  You never know what to expect.  Could be tears and fears or doing well.  Anger and aggression or sleepy and stuperous.  Wanting to go, go, go and agitated or wanted to do not much.  It’s so very wild and continues to change.  It’s not like other diseases where there is a constant that you can somewhat adapt to.  With LBD you are always, always adapting as it is always changing.

Twice now people have said to me, “I know exactly what you are going through.”  One because she used to take care of a lady for a couple of hours during the day.  Regular dementia.  Another person was because his mother-in-law had dementia even though he didn’t take care of her.

I’m sorry, but you have NO idea.  LBD is a beast unlike anything experienced before.