Mom doesn’t seem to have any sense of realizing that her words are heard by others.  The other day she kept talking about a doctor appointment I had (female doctor appt) and I pulled her aside and said I would appreciate that she not talk about it front of her husband.  She said she wouldn’t do such a thing at all and then said in front of him, “What time is your appointment?  When are you going?  You have to get to your appointment!”  Of course he is wanting details of the appointment.  Grrrr…   The situation if you knew the full details would not make this a laughable moment.  Not because of my health but because of other factors.

Then her husband’s birthday today and if he doesn’t have 50 people over he’s angry.  But it’s almost impossible.  Then mom talks to him about “that thing we’re going to do for him” right in front of him, so he is expecting something big.  But all I’m doing is bringing a simple cake.  “Mom, please don’t talk to him about this around him,” I said.  “I”m not!” she insisted.  She doesn’t get that talking about “that thing we’re going to do” arouses his curiosity and expectation.

A number of years ago I was in a precarious and dangerous situation.  My mom did something similar and I was SO angry because the situation was not safe and she was compromising that in a big way.  I wonder now if was this situation in its initial stages.  I don’t know as it was a good number of years ago, but mom is unfiltered in everything right now.

I guess  that goes with her husband.  He has no trouble broadcasting anything personal about himself, myself, my mother and more.  It makes me angry and he refuses to change.

Just feeling it.  I’m tired, exhausted, sick and feeling it.

It’s the little things that wear you down.