I have made mom fruit smoothies in the past from frozen bananas and whatever fruit I had.  She can drink a lot of it.  But give her water and she sips.  The problem is that her dehydration is making her groggy, mentally out of it and not well.  Then it hit me.  THICK!!

People with LBD have a problem with swallowing, although it doesn’t seem that mom has that right now.  But most do.  And the answer is thickening the drink.  In the nursing home they have this disgusting solution that makes it like gelatin, but it works.  But now I understand why smoothies have been working for us.  They are thick!

Dehydration is a real problem with those having dementia.  Sometimes you think they are the end and it’s actually they are just dehydrated.  Urine color is usually a good indicator.

So there’s the tip.  Make a lot of green smoothies.  And with LBD, add a handful of greens into the fruit smoothie for better bowel movements.  Constipation is also another real issue and extra greens will oftentimes help with this.