When I was in one of my medical classes we were taught that those with Alzheimer’s Dementia were always attracted to water.  So much so that it was dangerous if there was water around.  If a patient went wandering, it would almost always be toward a lake/pond/creek/river.  It’s not uncommon that drowning follow next.

With mom I do notice an obsession with water. Since she has one leg that is lame from a broken hip and femur, she can’t really wander.  I suppose that is a grace.  But she obsesses all the time instead about the dog having enough water.  She is sure that the dog doesn’t have any and I need to check multiple times a day.

So if your loved one is obsessed with water, this is normal.  And also know that if you live near a body of water and your loved one wanders, beware.  The obsession, and danger, is real.