If you’ve been a caregiver for an elderly person, especially with dementia, then when I say “The Purse Thing” or the “The Wallet Thing” you know exactly what I mean.  You can’t go anywhere or do anything without getting asked dozens of times, “Where’s my Purse?”

“Right Here,” you say trying to control your patience level.

So what’s up with the purse?

I’ll let you what’s up with the purse.  The purse is the symbol of freedom, safety, security and purchase power.  A person’s purse is the representation of something bigger than a mere canvas bag.  Probably when this generation moves into the geriatric stage it will be, “My cell phone!  Where’s my cell phone?!”

Instead of fighting it, just give give them the purse.  The wallet.  Whatever.  It brings great peace to your loved one to have it near.  And if that’s the price of peace, it’s a pretty cheap one.