It’s a sad day when your family doggy dies.  Mom cried for a few days and she kind of knows and kind of doesn’t.  All day she kept calling to the doggy and telling the doggy to be careful.  She sort of knows and sort of doesn’t.

I think I’m affected more than her.  It’s empty coming into the house and no one to greet you.  There’s no one to get excited at what you’re cooking or to break up fights among the kitties.  When something is and then isn’t, there’s such a void of existence.

Naturally I think of my mother often.  How will I deal with her loss?  Especially after the last number of years of literally being right there by her side every single day.  For years.  And then one day there will be nothing.

It’s an emptiness I cannot fathom.  The death of our dog has just made it seem more pronounced.