Mom had an unexpected surgery this past weekend.  Just a couple of days in the hospital and then out.   But it’s been rough since then.  General anesthesia is so hard on the older person’s brain.

On the other hand there was a sense that we’ve been there before on this.  Five years ago this surgery would have been major for us.  After what we’ve been through the last few years, it felt like a bump.

But the nights are still oh so hard.  Mom is awake and moving almost continuously.

Already 2019 feels like it’s been a whole year.  I can’t imagine what it will take to conitnue on the rest of the year.  But love compels us forward.

One thinks a lot about death during these seasons.  Not in a morbid way but in a preparatory sense.   Am I ready?  Not just emotionally, but financially?  Relationally?  Emotionally? Socially?

As the days continue I feel like I’m getting there in some areas, but not making any progress in other areas.   Important areas.

I pray that when the time comes and the seasons change, that things will be better in place.  But even if not, I keep praying that God will prepare the way.  And putting my hope in Him that He will do so.