Today mom and I were remembering or at least seeing how much she remembers of last year.  It was brutal.  She was hallucinating day and night, seeing 2-3 of every person, sundowning “jitters,” Lewy lean to the left, this weird incoherent whispering, not sleeping, night terrors.  Ugh.  She doesn’t remember much of it and that is a grace.  Again, I’m so glad the Lord led us down a different road.  There is hope, people.  There really is.  We have been so blessed.  She still sees things every now and then and we give her “the drops” and they go away.  Jitters happen rarely.  Capgras is gone.  Lewy lean is gone.  Incoherent whispering is gone.  Night terrors are gone.  Sleeplessness is gone.  Wow.  So much to thank the Lord for it is amazing.  Yes, there are still points of confusion and frustration, but compared to last year…Wow!  Thank you Jesus!