There are days like today where I feel like we are under the most severe caregiving issues of anyone I know.  There are many things people don’t know about in this journey.  I feel crushed as I have many times, beyond the ability to keep going on.  And yet I remember the picture.

I see that picture of the man in Burma carrying his parents in baskets.  He walked 150 miles with all 180 pounds and their food and anything else, not in self-pity, but because he believed there was something better for them.  Especially in a place in Burma where traffic fatalities are high.   So when he carried them he had to make sure they didn’t get killed by a fast moving vehicle.  And then finances.  If he’s walking he’s not working.  Did he have family to help?  This guy is a total hero.

And then I think of the video on this site of the man without arms feeding his mother.  Did he have to cook the meal himself?  Beg to get the food?  Was there anyone else helping?

There are days when you’re not even sinking or drowning.  You are already at the bottom of the lake.  But you are not alone.  Purge the self-pity.  Get up and get on with the next thing.  It’s a season that won’t last forever.  And you don’t want to have the regret.

Not crushed.  But consider it a forging.