Mom has been having a weird thing lately where from the shin up she has swelling, but not from the shin down.  So off today to the doctor.  The preliminary diagnosis?  Venous reflex.  Not sure what that is.  A new thing to learn.

Next to the gym.  She was graduated to 25% weight-bearing on her one leg this week so we’re doing pool walking.  She has no sense of 25% so pool we think is best for now.  Although she started to hurt at the fracture site of her femur.  That’s disturbing.

Then on to another appointment.  Because caregivers do that a lot.  In fact doctors become your main social life.  True, isn’t it?   It was pouring rain but finally got mom home.

Then off to a seminar online.  Trying hard to figure how to make money online.  I’ve had a year of failures and lost money and am still at it.  Am trying this one last thing and if it doesn’t work, I’m just out.  Not sure where to go.  Because I need finance to care for mom and I need to be home.  The challenge of so many of us.

So prayed mom to bed, tucking my kitties in and catching some zzz’s.  Because tomorrow it’s social time again (a.k.a. doctor’s appointment).