One of my friends (Justin Torrence) was starring in his first movie last night – The Heart of Man.  So naturally I wanted to go see it and by the way, he did an awesome job!  I was going to go alone as it is so hard for mom to go up the steps.  But at the last minute she decided to join me and we raced to a movie theater an hour away that has handicapped accessible seating.

I thought the movie while intense would be Ok.  I was WRONG.

The movie is about how sexual abuse and how infidelity can be redeemed.  It is the curse of all curses but even in brokenness, there is hope.  It is a docudrama where a handful of real people share their story (remember the guy who wrote the Shack? Yep, there’s a broken story behind that.)  But in the drama part of the movie Justin’s character gets beat up and he has blood on his face.  Mom couldn’t deal with it at all.  She was a troubled nervous wreck.  Kind of like when we saw the true movie where the girl fell into the tree and lived and was healed of motility issues.  Mom couldn’t deal with the girl inside the tree and we had to leave.   Strange as I had taken her to see Hacksaw Ridge which she really liked. ???  That  movie was filled with so much blood, guts and gore I was troubled by it.

From here on out I guess it’s about watching movies on TV where at least we can turn it off if it gets hard.  Mom is trying to much to do things with me so I’m not alone.  I so appreciate it but I think I’ve decided movies are no longer in our repertoire of shared experiences.  Maybe another vacation?