How to Manage Medications and Pill Bottles

Learning ways to manage medications can be a challenge!  A couple of months ago I had several pillboxes that didn’t fit big pills so much so that one of them I couldn’t shut the lids.  Then the inevitable happened.  You guessed it.  I dropped it and the pills splattered on the floor and my frustration hit the ceiling.  That’s when I decided there HAD to be a better solution.  I couldn’t find a good one online as the pill boxes weren’t sufficient size.  A couple of vitamins and there was no room left.   So I came up with one that has been such a blessing!

  1.  First I bought a spice rack (a little more expensive than I liked but I was desperate).

Manage Medications with a Spice Rack

2)  Next I shopped on Ebay and ordered some plastic bottles that were similar in size to the spice bottles.  You can get them on Amazon too.  Here.

3)  Lastly, I put them in order in the spice rack by Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, Bedtime.  This is so helpful as we know if we have remembered to give her pills or not.

It actually has worked BETTER than I thought.

  • We know if we forgot to take pills.
  • It’s easily accessible for a week and easy storage in the refrigerator
  • They are easy to grab and go when we somewhere for the day or weekend
  • I have plenty of room for the pills
  • You could also use this for the bottles of pills themselves

Perhaps you don’t have to manage a lot of pills, but if you do this solution is very workable.   It fits nicely on a rack in the refrigerator as well as fits on the kitchen counter without taking up too much space.  When it comes to figuring out a good way to manage medications, this works wonderfully for us.  In fact, we just ordered a second spice rack.


Pill picture:  Fotolia © Leigh Prather