I remember the beginning of this year.  January.  We had a hospitalization and things were really hard.  Really, really hard.  And I thought, I don’t know if there’s enough strength to make it through January.  How will we make it the whole year?

And here it is.  The end.

If I had one word for this year it would be a “grind.”  Some days are like that.  So are some years.

There have been sacred moments of sweetness with my mother.  We only get this season once and I’m grateful for it.  And for all the times I lost patience, was short with my words, frustrated, and not the ideal care-giving that I want to be, I still am able to say to mom, “I’m here.”

When I look to 2020…

I realize I will need great strength and help from the Lord.

I can only imagine.