I’ve been scrambling a lot lately, trying to figure out internet business.  Any business that will earn an income so I can stay at home.  So far I’ve come up terribly empty.  But have enjoyed the vast amount of things I’ve learned.

At the same time in my busy of trying to figure things out, it’s put a push/pull with time.  I need my time away and feel a strong sense of trying to find a way to create income.  At the same time more and more I just want to be with her.  To bounce around the golf cart and just spend time together.

So the last few days I”ve done that.  I have no regrets.  It’s just sometimes I don’t know how to best spend my time.  I guess every mother’s dream is to be able to stay at home with her children and financially make it.  It’s the same thing it’s just now with my mother.

Tonight she was confused a lot.  She doesn’t realize it thank God.  But I realize there are things wrong.  We just have to continue to fight and pray for better.  I don’t believe God made us to be such sick and ill people.  We can fight.

Here’s a store I’ve been working on.  Sold two items beside myself.  Ha!!  Thank God for God and His provision.  I think we’re in a mess if it comes down only me.   Just being real.  🙂