The other day mom started choking violently.  I leapt up and she indicated to perform the Heimlich maneuver.  On a more generous sized person it isn’t as easy as you would think.  I tried a few times, slapped her on the upper part of her back and tried the Heimlich again.

It turns out it was just her tongue that had fallen to the back of her mouth and saliva had pooled in her mouth.  Scary for sure.

Unfortunately choking is often how those with LBD pass away.  They will choke on food and aspirate it.  Then pneumonia sets it and the body can’t recover.

Anyway.  Am exhausted to write much further.  The coronavirus issue is leading me to cancel health services.  Mom knows something is wrong in the world and it sounds like a fairy tale when I answer her questions.  I’ve had a head cold the last couple of weeks and can’t beat the fatigue (it runs so very deep).

But here I am.

Happy to be with my mom in these uncertain times.