For the first time in her life my mom has beautiful fingernails.  All the vitamins combined with work that doesn’t ding them, her nails are long and lovely.  BUT, I’m thinking more and more that it is time to trim them low.  Why?  Because underneath the fingernails a lot of bacteria can gather, especially for older ones who struggle to get them clean.  I could give her a manicure every day so that is an option.  But there’s also the issue of her scratching herself.  Not that she has, but it’s a possibility.

It seems so simple as they are just fingernails.  But they are something that contribute to her beauty and what helps her feel beautiful.  And yet, with one of the worst flu seasons hitting the country, one has to decide.

This is the life of a caregiver–every day making decisions about what is best for those that you love.