Today mom wanted to work in the garden and I wanted nothing more than to practice the Sabbath rest.  I overdid it yesterday.  But she REALLY wanted to be in the garden.  So with heavy eyes I drug myself out and we planted.  After awhile I burst into tears and we headed in.  Fatigue just makes me crazy sometimes.  Add to that mom tries so hard to not be demanding, but it isn’t that way.  She needs this and that, then this and that and much of the time before you have finished the first task.  Sometimes I feel like a slave.  About 90% of the time I’m ok with that.  Love is being a slave to the other in a way.  The other 10% I get annoyed, irritable and short.  Today was that 10%.  But to have my mom live her life and not just survive and endure her latter years, she needs this and that and this and that.  Otherwise she is just staying in a bed watching TV all day.  If only the fatigue would lose it’s bite.