When we were kids, our mom often entered our world to play make-believe.  And now as adults and a loved one has dementia, the best thing we can do is enter their world.  It’s not worth fighting it and telling them their reality isn’t true.  Because it very true for them.  They really see the people and experience the emotions of things going on.

So if they are scared of imaginary people, you may have to go into another room and tell the imaginary people to get out, and then come back and tell your loved one they are ok.  If your loved fears that they are sentenced to jail, you may have to tell your loved one you talked to “the feds” and they had the wrong address and sincerely apologize.  You may even have to write a document saying they are fully cleared.

When you enter into their world with genuineness and sincerity, you can often times immediately calm their fears and tears.