Today we went to the surgeon to follow up on the last drama surgery.  Thinking that we might be taking on a new surgery.  Mom has been so bad that I literally packed my “hospital” bag thinking they would have to admit her.  I’ve been crying all weekend over it as I just don’t think I have the strength for another hospitalization.

Mom had peace about it today.  For me I was stressed, cranky and nervous.

But wonder of all wonders, what we thought was a labrum tear or avulsion is just severe bursitis.  Hallelujah.  So now I can come home and unpack.  And hopefully mom will end her pain pills soon.  They make her confusion come back within mere minutes.

I give thanks to God.  I wish I could jump up and down in gratitude and at least look the picture above, but Lord, just know I’m grateful even if I am exhausted.