Today I wasn’t feeling well so I grabbed mom and we went for a drive.  I was going to drive to the river which is a solid hour away but ended up going to the cemetery where our ancestors are buried.  Then we went to mom’s homestead where she grew up.

As we were poking around this area, I saw someone going in the house.  We got up the courage to go talk to them and mom told them how her dad and brothers built the house.  They had literally cut down trees in the woods, milled them and build a very modern-looking house.  Such a nice young couple and they really loved and treasured the land.  It was so good to see and talk to them.

Then we went on some off road and explored some new area.  A treat.

Then later we watched KU go to the Final Four.  I recorded it so I can keep these memories of whoops and hollers.  So fun they have gone this far this year.  When I hit the rewind button to look at a play again mom doesn’t process that it is a review.  Every time is the first time which makes it fun again.  Little things like this make me remember that things are not as “normal” as everyone would like.

A good day.

A day of gifts.

And a day in which I feel the Lord still telling me to finish the things in my mom’s life that her heart desires.  Little things like getting pictures to the neighbors, visiting particular people, going through the genealogy.  But things the Lord has put in my spirit an urgency to complete.  The genealogy is honestly the big one.  It’s a big job when trying to start a business.  I’m always torn between the money running out and spending time with mom.

Another day for the books and it was a good one.