I’m so happy to be with my loved one.  Another Christmas.  No, everything was not easy and peachy.  In fact, every day is difficult and hard, a mountain to overcome.  But always it is worth it.  Harder I think will be the days without her.   It’s something I think of often.

I also think often of 2020.  Everything seems to point to it to being a life-altering year.  There are at least 5 loved ones I know that very possibly could slip into eternity.  But you never can predict who that will be in any given year.  Could even be me though I don’t sense that.   I lost a dear friend this year and that is sobering.

There are so many unknown ahead and the support system not as obvious.  But there is a support in God that we cannot relegate to the backseat.  We had several Christmas miracles this year that were reminders to me that he genuinely cares for our situations.  Potential future circumstances and the fears that stalk us sometimes are not the narrators of the story.  God is the narrator.

Our response is faith and worship.