Month: August 2017


Today mom and I were remembering or at least seeing how much she remembers of last year.  It was brutal.  She was hallucinating day and night, seeing 2-3 of every person, sundowning “jitters,” Lewy lean to the left, this weird incoherent whispering, not sleeping, night terrors.  Ugh.  She doesn’t remember much of it and that is a grace.  Again, I’m so glad the Lord led us down a different road.  There is hope, people.  There really is.  We have been so blessed.  She still sees things every now and then and we give her “the drops” and they go...

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Wow!! The Eclipse

Mom and I went to see the solar eclipse today.  Wow!  It was challenging as initially she didn’t want to go.  Glad she did.  And so is she.  What a special event!  #memories...

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The Re-Awakening

Last year was so awful that it cannot even be described on a public post.  Too many people involved.  It was enough that mom was in full blown Lewy Body Dementia symptoms and she only slept an hour a night.  The other hours were all about her trying to escape the latest hallucinations.  That alone would’ve been enough but the people situations surrounded her LBD… Oh my.  It was a year of absolute and utter survival.  Every breath was making it to the next hour and hopefully the next day.  But then we took a different route with her...

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Hello, Wall

Today I hit the wall.  My exhaustion was prohibitive to almost living.  Oh dear Father in heaven, what can I do?  A different situation with mom doesn’t guarantee change.  It doesn’t guarantee my health will be in a place where I can meet the demands of life.  Only Jesus.  Only Jesus. “Cast your cares upon Him for He cares for...

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It’s a Climb

This weekend I went away for a weekend without mom which was the first time in several years.  I had hoped to get some rest as mom has been in a semi-stable enough state for me to leave her with her husband.  I’m not sure the weekend was restful as it really became over packed with folks who wanted to visit with me.  But it was good. It was a short weekend and now I’m home.  I’ve only been home a couple of hours and it’s been surprising how much work it is to be a caregiver.  It’s up...

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