Month: June 2017

We’re Going Right this Time

Such good news today.  Mom can now walk at 50% which I hope will reduce some of the burden.  It’s been tough for the last 3 1/2 months to do every single thing for her.  I’m glad she’s not cranky about but certainly the demands are high. Tomorrow we leave for vacation.  Just her and I.  I’m hoping it will go well and I’m hoping we can make it.  I’m so utterly frazzled I’m fraying apart at the seams.  It’s ugly.  I realize I haven’t had days off for several years.  But until her husband takes her on vacation,...

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The Orphan Train

After swimming we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Concordia, KS and see the orphan train museum.  So many young lives in the gutters of New York orphaned and re-homed across the US.  Clark did everything possible to make sure they were in good homes.  About 80% made it to good homes and 20% not so good. Ok, so going to end it here.  Short, yes.  Tired...

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The Swallow has found a Nest for Herself – Ps 84:3

For as many years as I can remember we’ve had one swallow nest that gets populated every single year.  It’s been a point of discussion as to which descendant gets the right of claiming the nest.  But  for over 30 years there has been someone hatching eggs right in our window.  They’ve been a great source of pleasure every summer to watch sometimes up to 4 batches of babies being born. Recently we had a tornado or a microburst, not sure which, roar through our yard.  No problem.  The nest was built on the storm free side of the...

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Fatigue and Demands

Today mom wanted to work in the garden and I wanted nothing more than to practice the Sabbath rest.  I overdid it yesterday.  But she REALLY wanted to be in the garden.  So with heavy eyes I drug myself out and we planted.  After awhile I burst into tears and we headed in.  Fatigue just makes me crazy sometimes.  Add to that mom tries so hard to not be demanding, but it isn’t that way.  She needs this and that, then this and that and much of the time before you have finished the first task.  Sometimes I feel...

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A Normal Day – Medical Appointment, Gym Time, Rain and Figuring out how to Make It

Mom has been having a weird thing lately where from the shin up she has swelling, but not from the shin down.  So off today to the doctor.  The preliminary diagnosis?  Venous reflex.  Not sure what that is.  A new thing to learn. Next to the gym.  She was graduated to 25% weight-bearing on her one leg this week so we’re doing pool walking.  She has no sense of 25% so pool we think is best for now.  Although she started to hurt at the fracture site of her femur.  That’s disturbing. Then on to another appointment.  Because caregivers...

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Medical Disclaimer

The Material in this website is not in any way meant to be medical advice. ASK YOUR DOCTOR for any, all and every medical situation and need.

In order to be able to display images I have needed to become an Amazon Affiliate. What this means is that when you purchase through this site, I receive a small commission. 100% of anything I will give to my loved one. I want her to get back what was taken from her through illness.

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