Month: May 2017

Site has Been Hacked

If you see weird posts they’re not from me.  My site has been hacked.  Not sure how to unhack it and not sure if I have the energy to learn either.  Sorry.  But will continue to post anyway.

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Just Want to be with Mom

I’ve been scrambling a lot lately, trying to figure out internet business.  Any business that will earn an income so I can stay at home.  So far I’ve come up terribly empty.  But have enjoyed the vast amount of things I’ve learned. At the same time in my busy of trying to figure things out, it’s put a push/pull with time.  I need my time away and feel a strong sense of trying to find a way to create income.  At the same time more and more I just want to be with her.  To bounce around the golf...

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Wrestling with Fear

Bad storms ripped through the other night.  It’s a dreaded time.  How can you get mom to the basement when she is non weight bearing?  And then there’s the issue of panic.  There’s one emotion she can’t handle and that’s fear. Seeing the storm rolling in, we put her in the Jazzy (electric wheelchair) and bounced her down the hill and through the yard.  Then we put her in the basement and waited through 2 hours of storms.  All the time she had that terribly frightened deer in headlights look.  It was terrible.    She can’t deal with fear. What...

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The Wretching McDonald’s

We were at the fitness center, parked in the lot and mom was sleeping. “Mom, you want to go to the next state over?” “Ok.” Back to sleep she went.  And down the road I went. Several hours later we arrived and naturally mom needed to use the bathroom.  She really likes to go to McDonald’s as its familiar.  I don’t like to go McDonalds because generally they have no automatic door openers. I get mom out of the car and there’s a cliff ledge on the supposed ramp.  Mom hates bumps but we bump right over.  Then the...

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The Purse Thing

If you’ve been a caregiver for an elderly person, especially with dementia, then when I say “The Purse Thing” or the “The Wallet Thing” you know exactly what I mean.  You can’t go anywhere or do anything without getting asked dozens of times, “Where’s my Purse?” “Right Here,” you say trying to control your patience level. So what’s up with the purse? I’ll let you what’s up with the purse.  The purse is the symbol of freedom, safety, security and purchase power.  A person’s purse is the representation of something bigger than a mere canvas bag.  Probably when this...

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Medical Disclaimer

The Material in this website is not in any way meant to be medical advice. ASK YOUR DOCTOR for any, all and every medical situation and need.

In order to be able to display images I have needed to become an Amazon Affiliate. What this means is that when you purchase through this site, I receive a small commission. 100% of anything I will give to my loved one. I want her to get back what was taken from her through illness.

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