Month: March 2017

I’m a Bit Raw Today

Raw.  It’s why I named this blog “Raw.”  Because caregivers are often in this state. I woke up irritated at those who say, “I know how you feel.  I know what it’s like.” No, you don’t. When you, dear other person, were taking care of somebody their physical and mental health were fine until two weeks to the end. “My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, my ways higher than your ways,” says the Lord. Good Scripture. And then the one person calls who I have great angst against. And God just stepped in while writing this.  He is...

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There is Joy even in This

Tonight I sit here watching my mother sleep as she is freshly out of surgery.  Her incision is so long I couldn’t fit it into the frame of the picture.  Her surgery so extensive that I could hardly explain it.  A journey ahead that we know all too well, and yet not at all.  And my thought is this: My mother is worth dying for.  It is not a sacrifice, it is a joy. The morning began with me about smashing the IV poll into a zillion bits.  The bell was sounding off and it was shift change.  They...

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Medical Disclaimer

The Material in this website is not in any way meant to be medical advice. ASK YOUR DOCTOR for any, all and every medical situation and need.

In order to be able to display images I have needed to become an Amazon Affiliate. What this means is that when you purchase through this site, I receive a small commission. 100% of anything I will give to my loved one. I want her to get back what was taken from her through illness.

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