Month: September 2016

How to Manage Medications Quick & Easy

How to Manage Medications and Pill Bottles Learning ways to manage medications can be a challenge!  A couple of months ago I had several pillboxes that didn’t fit big pills so much so that one of them I couldn’t shut the lids.  Then the inevitable happened.  You guessed it.  I dropped it and the pills splattered on the floor and my frustration hit the ceiling.  That’s when I decided there HAD to be a better solution.  I couldn’t find a good one online as the pill boxes weren’t sufficient size.  A couple of vitamins and there was no room...

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My Mother in the Men’s Room

By MB I took my mother far into the men’s room today, not because I’m making a political statement but because as her caregiving daughter I’m sleep-deprived. I walked out of the store the other day without paying, not because I wanted to take something (I immediately went back in) but because as her caregiving daughter I was livid with anger at someone who is opposing us. I snapped harshly at my mother the other day when she tried to sit on a chair of air, not because I wanted to be mean to her but because as her...

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5 Ways to Help with Sundowning

Help with Sundowing Sundowning is hard–both for the loved one and the caregiver.  It’s the jitters on steroids and sometimes it’s strong and sometimes it’s not.  But as the sun goes over the horizon it is like our loved one turns into a nervous mess.  It typically only lasts a couple of hours but those couple of hours can be distressing.  Here are 4 of some of the best ways to deal with sundowning:  Satisfy the need for motion.   During sundowning there is a high need for movement.  This can look like your loved one getting up and down and...

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THE Characteristic you MUST nurture as a Caregiver

There’s one thing you must fight for. There is one thing you need almost more than anything else (second only to forgiveness). There’s one thing YOU need and your loved one needs.  And that is… hope. The world of caregiving is filled typically with despair.  Despair with a diagnosis.  Despair with a prognosis.  Financial despair.  Social despair.  Despairing of enough sleep.  But despair will drain you faster than a plug pulled in a sink.  But how can we hope?  The diagnosis is bad!  The prognosis is bad!  That very well may be true.  But there’s always room for hope....

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DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent

Quick and Easy Recipe for DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent Wow!  Do you go through a lot of laundry detergent too?  It seems like when you are caring for someone, the laundering needs are very high.  As well as the cost of laundry detergent.  Looking to reduce our costs meant finding quality DIY options.  Quality because some DIY projects are not necessarily helpful.  At first we worked with the powdered homemade laundry detergent but it required a lot of grating.  When you are a caregiver you don’t have time and energy for that.  We eventually landed on a DIY homemade...

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Medical Disclaimer

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